harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was first published in the UK in July 1999 by Bloomsbury Publishing. Following in the popular footsteps of the first two books, it became the fastest selling book, selling over 50,000 copies in the first three days. The US publication soon followed in September 1999.

Prisoner of Azkaban, chronicles Harry Potter's third year of schooling at Hogwarts and begins with the escape of Sirius Black from the wizard prison, Azkaban. Harry soon learns that Sirius was responsible for giving the location of his parents to Voldemort, thus allowing them to be killed. And with Sirius supposedly at Hogwarts searching for him, Harry is being hovered over by his friends and teachers alike. But he also has to contend with the Azkaban guards (dementors) looking for Sirius at the school, who suck the happiness from all those they come near, and for Harry, this means re-living the death of his parents.

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