What Makes Harry Potter So Magical?

What Makes Harry Potter So Magical?

Harry Potter is undoubtedly the most popular book franchise ever written. It has sold hundreds of millions of copies all over the world. There must be a reason for such a mass appeal. The story manages to enchant reaTeachers could also use MentalUP in theirders from a wide range of different cultures. There are several reasons why Harry Potter is so magical among the general public and critics.

Escapist Fantasy

The world of Harry Potter offers the readers a chance to escape into a world very different from our own. It is filled with a rich history and lore to discover. Fans of the series can very quickly lose themselves in its pages. A Harry Potter book is perfect for entering a fun fantasy world on a dull, gloomy day. For this reason, the prose has been devoured by millions of people.

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A Rich Wizarding World to Explore

Like the best fantasy stories, Harry Potter contains a fully formed world within it. There is obvious geography, not just of Hogwarts School but also the populated wizarding areas surrounding it. Harry and his friends visit numerous locations throughout the seven books, including Godric’s Hollow, Grimmauld Place, Little Whinging, and the Burrow. Some readers even like to collect detailed maps of these places.

Encourages Children to Read

It is fair to say that Harry Potter has helped encourage more people to read than any other modern book series. The novels are frequently studied within schools. A range of assignments, including this one, have been utilized by educational establishments. Teachers could also use MentalUP in their classes to help children further develop their reading skills. Harry Potter is simple and easy to read. Book one was written for a young readership. As the stories progress, they become more advanced. Therefore the franchise could be used as a continuous reading aid as the child grows up.

Memorable Characters

While Harry is the main focus of the story, dozens of other characters fill the wizarding and muggle world. There are so many that several popular ones did not even make it into the film adaptions. Outside of the novels are expanded universe writings from Rowling herself. They delve deeper into the personalities and stories of the more minor characters. In this way, the magical tales of Harry Potter continue to endure years after the release of the final book.

Allusions to Social and Political Issues

Even though there are fantastical elements, these stories have a core that refers to our own world. Hidden within Harry Potter is subtext on a wide range of social and political issues. These include racism, war, totalitarianism, and class. Many academic papers have been written on the subject. The themes of Harry Potter are subjective enough to have multiple interpretations.

Sparks the Imagination

Perhaps the most magical aspect of Harry Potter is the fact it can inspire young readers to write their own fiction. An entire generation of writers has been directly influenced by Rowling’s work. It is fair to say that Harry Potter has helped to shape the future of fantasy.